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The English translation of the farm name in bold italic is from: 'History of the Isle of Bute' volume 1 by J K Hewison. All details given are according to the "Bute Record of Rural Affairs"

North Park

James McFie: Was tenant here, a bachelor who was looked after by his sister.
Hugh Miller: From Kames followed in the tenancy for the next forty years, assisted by his family. After his death the family carried on for a few years before the Admiralty took over the land. The family moved to Barefield.

Mid Park

Charles McFie: A brother of James of North Park, was tenant here along with his wife, Arthina McFie, from Gallachan, and their family, of one son and two daughters. They remained until the farm was also taken over by the Admiralty.

South Park

Archibald Robertson: (Birgidale Crieff) was tenant here on a nineteen year lease, before going over to Birgidale Knock.
Charles McFie: (Mid Park) took the farm into his holding.
1944 Charles W Drummond: (Meggernie, Perth) took up tenancy following the land being returned to Bute Estate after war.


Matthew Scott: Was tenant here during the 1870/ 80's. His son John carried on an extensive butcher's business at Glasgow, in partnership with Thomas Brown, whose mother was a sister to John Simpson, Bogany. Kelspoke, another sheep farm overlooking Kilchatten Bay, which had been in the occupancy of the Kidd family was, on their leaving, incorporated into the Plan whioch was then let to,
Haddow Hastings: From New Cumnock, Ayrshire. His wife carried on the tenancy for a while following his death, but finally retired to her hometown of Ayr along with her younger daughter. Their son James emigrated to Canada, while Mary, their elder daughter married David Crawford, one of the sons of the Kingarth Hotel. they emigrated to Victoria, British Columbia.


The windy farm
John McFie: A bachelor farmed here in the mid 1800's.. He died in 1900.
John McKay: (Kilchatten Mill), followed in the tenancy. His first wife, was one of the Bogany Simpsons. They transferred to Barone Park in 1890.
Archibald Murray: Who had been manager at Mid St. Colmac for John Simpson, entered the tenancy. Mrs Murray was a Little from Kilchattan Bay, whose grandfather had been a tenant at Stravannan.
David Murray: The youngest son of the family continued after his father. His brother William emigrated to America.


1822 Daniel Gillies.
1840 Donald Gillies. The Gillies family have been here for a very long time, and were current occupiers at the time of this publication (1951).


The blue point
James Duncan: County Councillor, known as 'Rhubodach'. His son Hugh, partnered in the legal firm of Russell and Duncan, Glasgow.
John Duncan: Took over the tenancy when old 'Rhubodach' retired to Bannatyne Mains. He died comparatively young and it was returned to Bute Estate.


Small basin or bay
1840 John Jamieson: Farmed here in the mid 1800's, he is no relation to John Jamieson of Ambrismore.
Dugald McKillop: Was a tenant here, he was known locally as, "Auld Scalpsie" He and his wife had five sons and four daughters. Dugald, the eldest son ran a butchers business in Rothesay, two of his brothers went to South Africa. One of the daughters married James Houston of Callochant, Kilbarchan, and their son James farmed at Crossford, Howwood. The other two boys;
Alexander and Neil McKillop: Continued in the tenancy of the farm
1900 John Martin: (Kerrymenock), became the new tenant. He had an unfortunate accident which left him crippled and his wife,
Margaret McAlister (Meikle Kilmory), carried on until after John's death. Their elder son John farmed Ballianlay, while James assisted his mother until they gave up the farm in 1951, to take over the neighbouring farm of Ambrismore.


The natural harbour
Ninian Duncan: "Ringan" who died on the 6th September 1875, aged 85 years, was the tenant here for many years. He and his wife, Rebecca Hunter had five boys and two girls.
James; the "Nailer" farmed Meikle Kilchattan, Hugh; Langalchorad, Ninian; farmed Culvin and later was Chemical Manure Agent in Rothesay, Alexander; farmed Birgidale Knock, Charles; Little Kilmory, and the daughters became, Mrs Barr, (Kerrylamont), and Mrs Martin, (Largizean). The Estate took this farm into their own hands during which time Dan McKinnon, ploughman, in their employment resided there.
William McIntyre, jnr.: (Home Farm), came into the tenancy and started a retail milk cart which he continued after his transfer to Barnauld.
William Gracie: Took over for a short time leaving the farm in 1947. Bute Estate again took charge.


The beautiful wood
James Hunter: Brother of William of Upper Ettrick, was tenent here in 1880.
Dugal Cowan: Succeeded the tenancy before transferring to Meikle Grenach.
Montgomerie: The Montgomerie family farmed here and on leaving William R became mine host of the Black Bull Inn and Alexander took over a butcher's business, combining with it an auctioneering one in Rothesay.
James Dougan: Followed in the tenancy for many years, he in turn was followed by a son of Alexander Harvey, Trees, Kilmarnock.
John Hunter: (Upper Ettrick), was next to run the farm in conjunction with the adjacent farm of Stuck. He eventually changed over to Acholter.
Rodger: From Paisley followed for a few years.
Archibald Reid: From Kintyre, was the next tenant.

East St Colmac

St Colman's church (Kilmachalmaig)
1840 David Crawford. Mrs Thomas Casrswell: Had a long spell here while her family were still at school and afterward. Jack; her second son, took to marine engineering with success, Margaret; to the teaching profession, and Robert; emigrated to South Africa. She retired to Glasgow and there, during the Great War lost both Helen another daughter, and Jack to influenza.
John and George Dunbar: Who were in the service of Duncan McDougall, Ballochmartin, Cumbrae, became the next tenants.
Matthew McIntyre: (Glenmore), and his wife, Grace Brown, whose mother was a sister of John and Thomas Simpson (Bogany), were the next to farm here. Their oldest son John a pilot in the RAF, gave his life in the Second World War.

Mid St Colmac

1840 Robert Hunter: From Chapelton, West Kilbride, came to this farm in 1794, and was instrumental in introducing Ayrshire cattle to the island.
Alexander Hunter: His son, followed in the tenacy.
John Simpson: (Langivrechtan), was the next tenant, although taking on the responsibility of Drumfork,Helensburgh, left
Archibald Murray as manager here. John died in 1887, and his wife Catherine Barr (Kerrylamont) returned to Bute with her young family, Robert being born after his father's death. She also brought David Frame with her from Drumfork, to manage Mid St Colmac. The oldest son James farmed Kerrycroy for some years before heading for Hampshire, but met an untimely death through blood poisoning. The second son William Barr, was tenant at Beck Farm, Lymington.
John Simpson: The third son, continued the tenancy at Mid St Colmac along with his wife, who was the daughter of Charles Duncan, Little Kilmory. John Simpson, their oldest son was very active in the management of Clydesdale's and Ayrshire's on the farm. Charles, the second son was tenant at Ashfield, and one of the daughter's was the wife of Robert McFie, Lower Ettrick, while another married John Brown, Glasgow, whose grandfather tenanted Bogany in the later years of the nineteenth century.

West St Colmac

Hugh Johnstone: A bachelor, whose father came from West Kilbride in the early 1800's was tenant here around 1890, and was assisted by his sister Rachel.
John Simpson: John the Bogany as he was familiarly known, was the next tenant. His wife was, Jessie Hunter (Upper Ettrick).
Hugh Simpson: Their son carried on the tenancy until ill-health forced him to quit. He took up the Licence at the St Blane's Hotel, Kilchattan Bay, and eventually retired and settled in Port Bannatyne.
Archibald Ferguson: was the next tenant, another son of Duncan Ferguson, Kilchattan Butts. His wife was Agnes Mathewson (Largizean).


The smooth running white bottomed rivulet
1840 John Little: In the mid 1800's, John was tenant here.
Malcolm Lamont: Followed in the tenancy until moving over to assist his brother at Stuck Farm.
James Martin: (Ardnahoe), was the next tenant. He and his wife Jeanie Gemmell (Kerrytonlia) had three sons. The eldest John, emigrated to Western Australia after the "Great War".
James Martin: The youngest son, on leaving school entered the grain trade before being called up for active service during the "Great War", where he rose to the rank of Captain and was highly decorated for bravery. On demob. he returned to the grain trade and later left for Canada, his stay was short however, due to the ill-health of his brother Daniel, and on his father's death he took up the farm tenancy. He finally moved over to Gallachan Farm.
Alexander Carmichael: Followed on here transferring from Craigberoch, his wife was a daughter of James McIntyre, of Little Grenach.


The jut-out
Archibald Lamont: From Stravannan was tenant here, assisted by his brother Malcolm.
John Lamont: Malcolm's son, followed in the tenancy. Ill-health forced him to quit farming at a comparatively early age.
John Hunter: (Upper Ettrick) entered into occupation in 1924 until taking over Acholter in 1943. His wife was the daughter of Colin McCallum, Upper Ardroscadale.
William Ferguson: (Kilchattan Butts) followed in the tenancy.


Hugh Simpson: Grandfather of Hugh Simpson of West St Colmac came here from West Kilbride before transferring to Bogany.
John Currie: followed, and ended his days here. His wife was the sister of Thomas Barr, Eskechreggan.
John Currie: their son, after a spell in Western Australia, came into the tenancy.


1840 Alexander McConechy.
Archibald Morrison: (Meikle Grenach), farmed here for a few years before going to Craigberoch.
Baillie McConechy: Followed for a short while before he transferred to Largivrechtan.
Thomas H Harvey: From Toward, who had been Piermaster at Kilchattan Bay, then became tenant.
Raymond and Edward Harvey, their sons, took over the tenancy following the death of their parents, ably assisted by their sisters Janet and Margaret. A brother, Jack, fell in the "Great War" in the service of King and country.

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