The Geology of Bute

Bute is rich in geology as five of the geological periods are represented on the island. This is because the Highland Boundary Fault passes through Bute between Rothesay town and Scalpsie Bay. To the north of the fault are the metamorphic Dalradian schists and Dunoon phyllites of Argyll and to the south of the fault there is sedimentary Old Red Sandstone of the Devonian period.

This has been overlaid south of Kilchattan Bay by Carboniferous lavas and Tertiary sills. The landscape as we see it today is largely the result of ice movements during the ice ages. The raised beaches which surround the island in many places are the result of the land rising after the ice melted.

Explanations of the geology of Bute and geological specimens can be studied in the Bute Museum, Rothesay.

Mollie Munro
Mollie settled on Bute along with her husband Ian in 1953, he was a native of Renfrew and was always attached to the island from the days when he was brought down as a child to take the tram to Ettrick Bay and play on the beach. Mollie originates from Millom, Cumberland.

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